On Wednesday May 30th, Nujima held it's first ever Raw Living Foods Meetup event! Although the turnout wasn't as phenomenal as we would have liked, spending any time with customers is our passion! And I'm sure that the few people who went would agree! As members of our meetup they were given a sneak peak of Nujima Living Food's newest products and had the chance to buy it at a discounted price along with receiving tons of free gifts! We had a great time  and we can not wait to do it again! Over the next few days Nujima will add new products to our lineup so don't miss out! 


In case you feel left out and down about all the cool perks that our Meetup members get dont be sad! Turn that frown upside down! Anyone is welcome to join at anytime so feel free to and don't miss out on our next meetup! 


Thanks again for making Nujima Living Foods your premier source for Raw Organic Living Foods! 



Sincerely Yours, 


The Nujima Team